Customer Transformations

These beautiful pictures were taken up on the Banning Bench. The mulch you see is what we call Gorilla Hair it is a great choice to use on slopes as it sticks together. The rocks you see are "Salt River Rock".

This beautiful example of landscaping done right, is located in 4 Seasons (Beaumont). What we did here was put in some Decomposed Granite (The Sand), Some Salt River Rocks, a pond-less fountain, Calypso Roses, an assortment of succulents, Tecoma, a variegated Yucca and a Desert Museum Palo Verde.

Here we have a yard in Calimesa, it shows us a great way to use pine chips and a few placements of trees

In the same Yard we also show use of Pavers, marathon sod, more pine chips, birch trees and a beautiful fountain.

Another great example on the Banning Bench

We love to use Salt River Rock. We also have an assortment of plants and Natural grey rock 

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