Bulk Soil, Sand, Gravel, Rocks & Mulch


Cherry Valley Nursery and Landscape Supply in Cherry Valley, California, offers a wide range of bulk soils, rock and amendments for pick up, or delivery. Sold by the yard or ton increments. This includes but is not limited to:

• Top Soil Plus 
• Soil Conditioners 
• Mushroom Compost 
• Dairy Manure 
• Sand, Gravel, & Decorative Rock


Sand, Gravel & Decorative Rock
We have a wide selection of sand, gravel, and decorative rock which

includes decorative boulders, plaster sand, decomposed granite,

Palm Springs Gold Sand, and a selection of decorative gravels. Here

are some general tips given by experts when designing outdoor and

indoor projects with sand, gravel and decorative rocks:

• Mix and match - Select two or three types of rock, brick or stone

panels that complement each other. More than three usually is too much.

• Choose one style - Rustic traditional or stark modern? Not both. For a more natural look, don’t mix styles.

• Add dimension - Use more than one color or texture to add contrast, interest, and dimension to rocks. Too many can be distracting.

• Proper installation - Know proper installation techniques to avoid costly errors.

• Asymmetrical placement - In landscaped areas, rocks appear more natural when scattered and separated rather than lined up in symmetrical patterns.

• Alternate textures - When adding texture to grottos, waterfalls, cliffs and other large features, imitate Mother Nature with random smooth and ragged patterns for a more authentic look.

1 cubic yard and 1/2 cubic yard scoops

Bulk Wood

Certified Playgroud Mulch.jpg

Certified Playground Mulch

$60.00 per Cubic Yard

Redwood Chips.jpg

Redwood Chips

$60.00 per Cubic Yard 

Ground Cover.jpg

Ground Cover Mulch

$33.00 per Cubic Yard

Ground Cover Mulch

Gorilla Hair (Redwood)

$60.00 per Cubic Yard

Bulk Rock

3 8ths graystone.jpg

Natural Grey 3/8" Rock

$55.00 per Cubic Yard

C-Mix 3/8" Rock

$55.00 per Cubic Yard

River Rock-Small.jpg

Salt River Rock 1/2-3/4"

$150.00 per Cubic Yard

PS Gold Sand.jpg

Palm Springs Gold Sand

$66.00 per Cubic Yard

Fill Sand

$38.00 per Cubic Yard

Ground Cover Mulch

Plaster Sand

$55.00 per Cubic Yard

Natural Grey 3/4" Rock

$55.00 per Cubic Yard

Little Lake Cinders

C-Mix 3/4" Class II Rock

$55.00 per Cubic Yard

River Rock-Medium.jpg

Salt River Rock 3/4-1 1/2"

$150.00 per Cubic Yard

Gold Rock Small .jpg

Gold Rock 3/8"

$140.00 per Cubic Yard


Decomposed Granite

$66.00 per Cubic Yard


Cresta White 

$55 per Cubic Yard

Little Lake Cinders

Leach Line 3" Rock

$55.00 per Cubic Yard


Arizona Blonde 1"

$150.00 per Cubic Yard

River Rock-Large.jpg

Salt River Rock 1 1/2-3"

$150.00 per Cubic Yard

Gold Rock Large.jpg

Gold Rock 1-1 1/8"

$140.00 per Cubic Yard

Little Lake Cinders2.jpg

Little Lake Cinders

$75.00 per Cubic Yard


White Rock

$140.00 per Cubic Yard 


Cresta Rock"

$98.00 per Cubic Yard

Bulk Soil

Decomposed Granite

Ready To Use Soil

$65.00 per Cubic Yard

40% Wood, 20% Fill Sand,

40% Mushroom Compost

Decomposed Granite

Mushroom Compost

$75.00 per Cubic Yard

Decomposed Granite

Premium Topsoil

$40.00 per Cubic Yard

20% Sand, 20% Fill Dirt, 20%Dairy, 40%Wood

Decomposed Granite

Screened Dairy Manure

$30.00 per Cubic Yard

Decomposed Granite

Soil Conditioner

$33.00 per Cubic Yard

50% Wood Fines

50% Dairy Manure

Screened dirt_edited_edited.jpg

Screened Fill Dirt

$30.00 per Cubic Yard

Delivery Fee 

Angelus Oaks Delivery  $169

Banning - Highland Spring to Sunset  $84

Banning - Sunset to Hathaway $110

Beaumont $65

Big Bear $250

Bloomington $142

Cabazon $130

Calimesa Plantation & Sharondale $63

Calimesa $84

Cathedral City $221

Cedar Glen $221

Cherry Valley $65

Colton $152

Crestline $211

Desert Hot Springs $250

Devore $175

Fontana $166

Grand Terrace $160

Hemet $130

Highland $142

Homeland $152

Idyllwild $214

Indio $214

Joshua Tree $224

Lake Arrowhead $300

Lake Gregory $224

Loma Linda $137

Mentone $137

Morongo Indian Reservation $130

Morongo Valley $195

Oak Glen $130

Palm Desert $210

Palm Spring $195

Perris $200

Poppet Flats $176

Rancho Cucamonga $250

Rancho Mirage $221 

Redlands $130

Rialto $142

Riverside $200

Running Springs $231

San Bernadino $152

San Jacinto $130

Sun City $250

Twentynine Palms $274

Twin Peaks $221

Twin Pines $142

West Palm Springs $159

Whitewater $132

Wildwood Cayon $100

Winchester $170

Yucaipa $100

Yucca Valley $210